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Spravato Specialist

Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta

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If your depression doesn't improve with antidepressants or you can't stop thinking about suicide, you can still get the help you need with Spravato®. Bryon K. Evans, MD, and the exceptional team at Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta serve as one of only a few providers in the region who are certified to prescribe this potentially life-saving treatment. Don't wait to reach out and find a way out of depression. Call the office in Atlanta or Decatur, Georgia, or book an appointment online today.


What is Spravato?

Spravato is a nasal spray that contains esketamine, a medication for treating certain types of depression. Most patients who take Spravato get relief from their symptoms within 24 hours, and some notice the difference within four hours of their first dose. You also take regular antidepressants along with Spravato.

The tissues lining your nose absorb the medication, allowing Spravato to enter your bloodstream and reach your brain. Then the medication quickly balances the brain chemicals that regulate your mood.

Who can take Spravato?

The US Food and Drug Administration approved Spravato for patients who have:

Treatment-resistant depression

You have treatment-resistant depression (TRD) if your symptoms don't improve after taking two or more antidepressant medications. To be diagnosed with TRD, you need to take the proper dose and give each medication enough time to take effect.

Major depressive disorder with suicidal thoughts or behaviors

You may have major depressive disorder if you:

  • Feel sad, hopeless, and worthless
  • Lose interest in activities you normally enjoy
  • Withdraw from your partner, family, and friends
  • Feel fatigued or drained of energy
  • Eat more or less than usual
  • Sleep more or less than normal
  • Lose your ability to concentrate
  • Feel irritable, angry, and anxious
  • Have recurrent thoughts about harming or killing yourself

Thinking about killing yourself, called suicidal ideation, is the essential symptom for receiving Spravato. 

How do I get Spravato?

The first step is scheduling an appointment with Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta. Your provider completes an assessment and talks with you about any previous treatments you had for depression.

Depending on your treatment history, your provider may first prescribe antidepressants. Then they recommend Spravato after determining you have TRD or you have ongoing suicidal thoughts.

Most people can take Spravato. However, you may not be a good candidate if you have certain blood vessel conditions or you're allergic to esketamine. 

What happens during Spravato treatment?

You take Spravato while you're in the office. After you spray it into your nose, you simply relax in the treatment room, where the team closely monitors you for two hours. 

During this time, they watch for potential side effects, such as sleepiness, dizziness, anxiety, nausea, and changes in your blood pressure. Spravato can also cause dissociation, giving you the sensation that you're disconnected from time or from your feelings and thoughts.

When your provider decides you can leave the office, you need to have someone drive you home. You should also plan to relax the rest of the day, or at least avoid activities that demand mental alertness until the next day.

If you need help with depression or want to learn more about Spravato, call Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta or book an appointment online today.