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Forensic Evaluation Specialist

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Sometimes, criminal, civil, and probate cases require forensics evaluations. If you’re going through the court system and need assistance, don’t wait to reach out. At Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta, Bryon K. Evans, MD, and the team provide forensics evaluations for judges, attorneys, multinational corporations, and other businesses. To make an appointment, call the office in Atlanta or Decatur, Georgia, or book online today.

Forensic Evaluation

What is a forensics evaluation?

A forensics evaluation is a process that assists with legal matters. If you or a loved one is involved in a criminal or civil court case, your judge, attorney, or another court-based decision-maker, might request a forensics evaluation. 

During a forensics evaluation, your Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta provider conducts tests that assess your mental capacity. After gathering the necessary information, they submit their findings to the proper authorities.

What are the types of forensics evaluations?

The team at Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta offers several types of forensics evaluations, including:

Competency to stand trial (CST) evaluation

A CST evaluation determines if you can understand the charges against you.

During a CST evaluation, your Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta provider asks various questions about your case, charges, and the legal process. After completing the evaluation, your provider submits their findings to the court. The court then uses that information to determine if you’re competent to stand trial.

Expert witness

Sometimes civil and criminal cases require the insight of expert witnesses. During an expert witness evaluation, your Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta provider creates a detailed report of your mental health, including the symptoms you’re experiencing and your outlook. They present their findings under oath in front of a judge or jury.

Mental state opinion

A mental state opinion (MSO) determines if you’re mentally able to understand the actions and consequences of the crime or action you’re accused of.

If your provider confirms that you have a behavioral condition, like depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and they suspect it influenced your actions, they can file a mental state opinion.

What type of forensics evaluation will benefit me?

The type of forensics evaluation that will most benefit you depends on several factors, including the type of case you’re involved in and the court’s request. After a discussion with your lawyer and a review of your legal paperwork, the team can make recommendations that align with your needs.

Who might benefit from a forensics evaluation?

The team at Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta provides forensics evaluations for judges, attorneys, corporations, and other businesses. They also provide forensic evaluations for cases involving:

  • Child custody
  • Personal injury
  • Addiction
  • Disability
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Wills
  • Criminality
  • Guardianship
  • Brain injury

If you want to schedule a forensics evaluation, make an appointment at Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta by calling the nearest office or booking online today.