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James Parker Griffin, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor located in Atlanta, GA & Decatur, GA

About Dr. James Parker Griffin, Jr

Dr. James Parker Griffin, Jr. is a behaviorally-oriented licensed professional counselor (L.P.C.) and a certified anger management specialist (C.A.M.S. II). He works as a mental health therapist in private practice at Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta (P.C.A.). He worked at two private mental health practices for five years before joining P.C.A. 

Dr. Griffin serves a broad array of clients including children and adolescents, adult individuals, couples, families, and trauma survivors. Children’s services frequently employ behavior modification to improve academic performance, depression, and anxiety. Adults often participate in cognitive-behavioral therapy (C.B.T.) sessions using a holistic health risk factor management approach. Often, Dr. Griffin’s trauma clients suffer from the effects of long-term physical, sexual, and especially emotional abuse from intimate partners, family members, and friends with a suspected narcissistic personality disorder (N.P.D.) diagnosis. 

He has worked in the behavioral science field since 1975 in clinical, primary prevention, program evaluation, and capacity building specialties. He has trained public health and community service providers in areas such as stress management, substance abuse, violence, and HIV prevention and worked with formerly incarcerated individuals returning to the community. 

With a doctoral degree in psychology, he employs applied behavioral analysis and behavior modification techniques to work with individuals, families, and premarital and marital couples. He is one of a handful of black male behavioral researchers and therapists in the United States with this specific combined clinical expertise and public health background. Additionally, as a senior scientist, he has led an educational development project and multiple program evaluation initiatives. 

Dr. Griffin has worked in various mental health facilities, behavioral health treatment organizations, psychiatric units, and government and nonprofit associations. For example, he worked for five years on an inpatient adult psychiatric unit at West Paces Ferry Hospital, and he also served as a staff psychologist for 3.5 years with the DeKalb County Crisis Intervention Service. In the staff psychologist role, he provided crisis mental health counseling, referral, and evaluation. 

He attended West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV; Howard University in Washington, DC, and graduated in 1991 with an earned doctorate from the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. 

Dr. Griffin has been a community thought leader in science-based violence prevention in Atlanta for over a decade and the founder of the Metropolitan Atlanta Violence Prevention Partnership (M.A.V.P.P.). This partnership involved as many as 300 government, academic, community- and faith-based organizations and individuals in the region. He continues to work with this group by promoting an evidence-based gang violence prevention initiative–Cure Violence Atlanta. 

He further has served as the community liaison with the Emory Center for Injury Control (E.C.I.C.), a member of District Attorney, Paul Howard’s Citizens’ Crime Prevention Advisory  

Board, and speaker’s committee chair for the Daniel H. Blumenthal Public Health Summit on Violence Prevention at the Morehouse School of Medicine (M.S.M.). He is adjunct faculty at M.S.M. He has been a long-standing member of the Annie Casey Foundation Trauma Reduction and Community Safety Committee in the Atlanta, Mechanicsville neighborhood and a program evaluation consultant for M.S.M. Dr. Griffin has authored or contributed to various peer-reviewed professional publications addressing the prevention of public health problems. 

He is a certified T.V. producer through Atlanta public access television, People T.V., and he is a member of the Georgia Production Partnership. Both organizations address film and television issues through the entertainment industry in Georgia. 

Dr. Griffin has released four books as follows: 

The 25th Demon. 

This is a fictional screenplay and book about emotional abuse from narcissists. 

Turning Boys into Men II: A Multicultural Behavioral Approach. 

The workbook teaches boys how to become a well-rounded, successful man. 

Turning Girls into Ladies: A Multicultural Behavioral Approach. 

This workbook helps girls to transition into adulthood. 

Becoming His Number One: Ways to Renew Love Relationships. 

This relationship development resource empowers couples to cultivate mutually rewarding intimate partner relationships. 

He is a native of Clarksburg, WV, and he has resided in Columbus, OH, Washington, D.C, and in Atlanta, GA since 1983. He is the father of three adult children: two girls and a boy (deceased).

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