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Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta


What We Can Do To Help

About Us

The staff at Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta views challenges as an opportunity for growth. Life challenges us with difficulties including depression, anxiety, illness, growing up and getting older.

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family education and intervention
  • Medication management
  • Parenting skills
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Forensic Services


Dr. Evans and the other staff physicians are dedicated to help people better manage stress and major life challenges by taking actions to preserve and strengthen their mental health.


Every life has its ups and downs, and sometimes we need to reach for a helping hand. Counselors, therapists and life coaches are trained to help you move up from your most troublesome "down" periods. Dr. Evans offers a trained, experienced helping hand when you want one.


Most people experience uncertainties and stress as their circumstances change. It's normal. Adult Counseling Services offer a steady hand in the midst of change. We can work together to overcome transitional distress by exploring your core values and beliefs, restructuring aspects of the way that you habitually think and perceive the world, making a few behavior changes, and adjusting some roles and living arrangements.



Counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy offers skilled that empower you to deal with personal relationships, workplace relationships, and other kinds of relationship challenges. You may be looking for practical pointers to help stabilize and grow a relationship help, or to dissolve a relationship in a mutually satisfactory fashion. The overall goal is to help you to use your relationships for an enhanced, balanced, satisfying quality of life.


Pre-teens entering middle school and junior high begin to look into the mirror more often than they did during their elementary school years. Body image, for many children entering their pre-teen and teens years is everything. Self-image is too often about looking good on the outside. Self-esteem and good body image go hand and hand. ...



All children experience some anxiety; this is normal and expected. For example, when left alone at preschool for the first time, many children will show distress; a young child with his or her own room may develop a fear of the dark. Such anxiety becomes a problem when it interrupts a child’s normal activities, like attending school and making friends or sleeping. Persistent and intense anxiety that disrupts daily routine is a mental health problem that requires help.


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